Negotiating Dental Extraction Costs

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Maggie paid a visit to the dentist’s office with the intention of discussing the cost of a tooth extraction.

“The cost for a tooth extraction is $85, ma’am,” the dentist informed her.

“Oh, is there perhaps a more affordable option available?” the Scottish woman inquired, her patience wearing thin.


“However, the standard fee for a tooth extraction is indeed $85, ma’am,” the dentist reiterated.

Maggie’s hopeful tone emerged as she asked, “And what if anesthesia isn’t used during the procedure?”

“While that’s quite unusual, ma’am, if you prefer, I can perform the extraction without anesthesia for a reduced fee of $65,” the dentist offered.


The Scottish lady’s next question came forth: “What if one of your trainee dentists performs the extraction, still without anesthesia?”

“Though possible, it’s important to note that they are still in training, and I can’t assure their level of expertise. While the procedure would be more uncomfortable, I can lower the price to $40 in that scenario,” the dentist clarified.

With a sense of hesitation, Maggie expressed, “That’s still a bit steep. What if we turn this into a learning opportunity, with one of the dental students conducting the extraction while the others observe and learn?”


The dentist considered her proposal, responding, “Well, I suppose that could be beneficial for the students. In that case, I would only charge you $5. However, I should warn you that it might be an unsettling experience.”

“Sounds like a plan! Let’s do it,” Maggie agreed enthusiastically.

“Could you also arrange for my husband’s appointment next Wednesday?” she added.

The Wise Chief’s Winter Preparations


Once upon a time, during autumn, the Indians on a faraway reservation asked their new chief if the upcoming winter would be cold or not.

The chief didn’t know how to predict the weather like the old days, so he looked at the sky but couldn’t tell. To be safe, he told his tribe that the winter would be cold and they should gather wood.

But the chief was also smart. After a few days, he had an idea. He went to a phone booth, called a place that knew about the weather, and asked, “Will the winter be cold?”


The person on the phone said, “Yes, it will be very cold.”

So the chief went back and told his people to collect even more wood.

A week later, he called again and asked, “Will it be very, very cold?”

The person replied, “Yes, it will be extremely cold.”


The chief went back to his people and told them to gather every bit of wood they could find.

Two weeks later, he called one more time and asked, “Are you really, really sure it will be very, very cold?”

The person on the phone said, “Yes, we are very sure. It will be one of the coldest winters ever.”

Confused, the chief asked, “How can you be so sure?”


The person replied, “Because the Indians are collecting a lot of wood like crazy!”


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