Funny: They formed a committee to resolve the gender of a computer

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Shortly after computers were invented, the Language Association of Spain met to decide between using “el” or “la”.

Unlike English, Spanish and many other languages have masculine and feminine nouns, which determine whether you say “el” for masculine or “la” for feminine.

So the committee divided into two groups to each come up with the best four arguments for computers to be thought of as having a particular gender.

Those in favor of using the masculine “el” said “computers are most like men for these reasons”:

  • You have to turn them on to get them to do anything
  • They have tons of information but no common sense
  • They’re supposed to help you with your problems but half the time they are the problem
  • As soon as you get one, you wonder if you’d waited a little longer whether you could have gotten a better model

Those in favor of the feminine “la” felt computers were most like women for the following reasons:

  • Nobody but their creator can understand their logic
  • They communicate with each other in ways that are incomprehensible to anyone else
  • It has long term memory storage and can recall even the smallest of mistakes with precision
  • Once you get one, you end up spending half your paycheck buying accessories for it

Needless to say, the committee came to no conclusion on a particular gender.



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