Cinderella, in her elderly years, receives 3 wishes from the Fairy

Cinderella clickbait Elderly fairy receives resorting wishes years

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Having lived a fulfilling life alongside the now deceased prince…

… Cinderella finds contentment in her rocking chair on the front porch, observing the world’s passage. Her feline companion, Bob, keeps her company.

One sunny afternoon, out of the blue, the fairy godmother reappears.


Cinderella inquires, “Fairy Godmother, what brings you here after all these years?”

The fairy godmother responds, “Cinderella, your life has been exemplary since we last met. Is there still something your heart desires?”

Taken aback yet elated, Cinderella contemplates and then voices her first wish:


“While the prince was wonderful, he wasn’t much of a financial planner. I’m struggling to make ends meet with my disability checks. I wish to possess wealth beyond imagination.”

Instantly, her rocking chair transforms into solid gold.

Cinderella exclaims, “Oh, thank you, Fairy Godmother.”


The fairy godmother replies, “It’s the least I can do. What’s your second wish?”

Gazing at her fragile form, Cinderella says, “I wish to be youthful and beautiful once more, as I was in my prime.”

In an instant, her wish materializes, her youthful beauty restored.

Sensations dormant for years begin to stir within Cinderella.


Again, the fairy godmother speaks: “You have one final wish. What shall it be?”

Cinderella’s gaze shifts to the timid cat in the corner. “I wish for Bob, my old cat, to transform into a kind and handsome young man.”

Magically, Bob undergoes a profound biological transformation. Before her stands a man of unparalleled beauty.


The fairy godmother congratulates, “Enjoy your new life, Cinderella.”

With a surge of blue electricity, the fairy godmother vanishes as suddenly as she arrived.

For a fleeting, eerie moment, Bob and Cinderella lock eyes.

Breathless, Cinderella gazes at the most perfect man she’s ever seen.


Approaching her, Bob holds her in his strong, youthful arms.

Leaning close, his warm breath tousles her golden hair as he whispers…

“I imagine you regret having me neutered now!”



The awkward situation in public bathroom 

I found myself within a public restroom, having just taken a seat, when out of the blue, a voice emerged from the neighboring stall.

“Hello there! How’s everything going?”

Now, striking up conversations in such places isn’t my norm. I’m not quite sure what possessed me, but with a touch of awkwardness, I replied,

“Actually doing fine, thank you!”

And from the other side, the individual continues,

“So, what’s keeping you occupied right now?”

What an odd thing to ask! In that instant, the whole situation seemed exceptionally peculiar, so I decided to play along,

“Well, I’m pretty much in the same boat as you, just seated here.”

At this point, my primary goal was to exit as swiftly as possible, when unexpectedly, I’m met with another query,

“I’ve got this urge to meet you. How about I drop by? We could hang out and unwind together.”

Alright, this question is beyond strange and giving me a weird vibe. I believed it was time to politely wrap up the conversation and make my escape.

I replied, “Oh, sorry… I’m actually tied up at the moment!!”

Then I heard the person mutter,

“You know what, I’ll have to call you back. There’s someone in the adjacent stall who keeps responding to all my questions like a total buffoon!!”


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