This individual believes he is Jesus, and the reason is curious !

believes individual inebriated Jesus

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A tipsy gentleman emerges from a bar and spots two priests strolling across the street. With unsteady steps, he approaches the clergy pair and halts before them.

Turning to the first priest, he declares with a hint of pride, “Behold, I am Jesus Christ!” The initial priest gently shakes his head and responds, “Regrettably, my son, that is not the case.”

Undeterred, he redirects his attention to the second priest, reiterating, “I am Jesus Christ!” Once more, the second priest calmly rebuts, “I’m afraid that’s not accurate, my child.”


Undaunted by their skepticism, the intoxicated man finally proposes, “Accompany me, and I shall substantiate my claim!” Intrigued, the two priests trail him as he retraces his steps into the bar.

Immediately upon entering, the bartender takes a single glance at the man and exclaims, “Jesus Christ! You”re here again!!”




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