The Importance of Etiquette: A Valuable Lesson

Etiquette Importance Lesson Valuable

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Seated within the refined ambiance of a country club, three sophisticated women from the southern region, namely Eliza, Josephine, and Isabelle, find themselves engaged in conversation.


In the midst of their interaction, Eliza gracefully imparts to her companions, “Ladies, I simply must share the delight of my anniversary. My husband gifted me the most exquisite jewelry—a lavish diamond necklace accompanied by stunning earrings.”

Josephine, displaying genuine enthusiasm, exclaims, “How absolutely wonderful!”

Isabelle, in her composed manner, offers her response, “Indeed, that is quite pleasant.”


Soon, Josephine adds her own narrative to the exchange, stating, “On the occasion of our anniversary, my husband spared no expense. He orchestrated a splendid getaway to the Bahamas.”

Eliza, in acknowledgment of the splendid gesture, responds with admiration, “Truly remarkable!”

Yet again, Isabelle utters her composed remark, “That is indeed quite pleasant.”


Sensing a certain pattern, Eliza and Josephine share a knowing glance, after which Eliza inquires, “And what did your husband present you with on your anniversary, Isabelle?”

Isabelle responds in her usual calm demeanor, “He arranged for me to partake in lessons focused on refining southern etiquette.”

“Etiquette lessons?” Eliza queries, her curiosity piqued.


Curious as well, Josephine adds, “Pray, what did these lessons entail?”

Isabelle, with a touch of amusement, reveals, “In the past, my expressions were more colloquial, but now I have transitioned to saying, ‘That’s nice, real nice.'”

A lighthearted air fills the conversation as the trio shares a collective chuckle.



This senior gentleman couldn’t recall whether she gave a positive or negative response to his…

In a retirement home, an elderly gentleman and an elderly lady had been acquainted for numerous years. One particular evening, a communal supper took place within the spacious activity center of the facility. Seated at the same table, they found themselves positioned across from each other.

Throughout the course of the meal, the gentleman cast several appreciative glances in her direction. Summoning his courage, he eventually ventured to pose a question, “Would you do me the honor of marrying me?”


Following about six seconds of what seemed like meticulous thought, she responded, “Yes. Indeed, I will.”

As the meal concluded, they engaged in a few more pleasant exchanges before retiring to their separate quarters.

Upon waking the next morning, the gentleman found himself in a state of perplexity. The question gnawed at him: “Had she answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’?” Regrettably, he couldn’t recollect. Despite his best efforts, the memory eluded him entirely.

Driven by apprehension, he approached the telephone and dialed her number. He began by explaining that his memory wasn’t as sharp as it once was. Then he recounted the delightful evening they had shared.


Gathering a bit more courage, he finally inquired, “When I posed the question about us getting married, did you respond with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’?”

A sense of elation washed over him as he heard her voice affirm, “Why, I said ‘Yes,’ and I truly meant it from the depths of my heart.”

Her words continued to flow, “I’m truly relieved that you called, for I couldn’t recall who had asked me in the first place!”


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