A Humorous Tale: How I Fired My Secretary on My Birthday

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Posted August 16, 2023 by: Admin #Humor

Allow me to recount a comical episode involving the day I decided to fire my secretary. The story unfolds with a twist that none of us saw coming, resulting in a memorable birthday I won’t soon forget.


I woke up yesterday to the realization that I had turned 58.

Despite not feeling my best, I held onto the hope that my wife would wish me a Happy Birthday. To my dismay, she didn’t even utter a simple “good morning.”

At breakfast, my children remained silent, failing to acknowledge the occasion.


Upon arriving at the office, my secretary chimed in with a “Happy Birthday!”

Her well-wishes brought a smile to my face—finally, someone remembered. However, my colleagues had somehow let the date slip their minds.


Around noon, my secretary made an unexpected proposal, “Why don’t we have lunch together?”

I thought to myself that this was the best offer I’d received all day. We headed out for a drink and meal, trying to salvage the day.


On our way back to the office, she…


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