Ways to Verify if They Were Actively Being Monitored According to His Concerned Girlfriend

actively Concerned girlfriend Monitored Verify Ways

Posted August 17, 2023 by: Admin #Humor


“I don’t know why, but I have this fear that this room might be bugged with listening devices,” the girlfriend expressed to her boyfriend.

“That’s quite irrational; there’s no reason to be concerned,” the man reassured.

Despite his response, the girlfriend persisted, prompting him to meticulously search the room. He meticulously checked the drawers, explored under the TV, and even looked behind the curtains. As he lifted the rug, his astonishment grew, for he discovered a peculiar-looking disc hidden beneath it.


“Remarkably, you might be onto something,” the man admitted while carefully removing the disc from the floor.

The following morning, they approached the front desk to complete the checkout process.

“Looks like you two had quite the night,” the clerk remarked with a chuckle.


Frustrated and bewildered, the man inquired, “And just how would you come to that conclusion? Are you resorting to surveillance devices to monitor our every move?”

The clerk responded casually,

“Absolutely not. It’s just that the entire chandelier from the room directly below yours crashed to the floor.”



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