10 hilarious stories about men who miss the obvious signs from women

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It’s a well-worn notion, yet undeniably accurate. The enigma of understanding women persists. To illustrate, a study featured in the journal PLOS ONE revealed a notable gender disparity. Men encountered twice the difficulty in discerning women’s emotions from eye images compared to those of their own gender. Notably, their neural activity exhibited divergence when observing male versus female gazes.


Hence, when a Reddit user, UnawareMother2, initiated a discussion on the platform with the question, “What’s the most significant hint you’ve obliviously overlooked from a woman?” a plethora of cringe-worthy, amusing, and even poignant responses flooded in. The compilation below showcases some of the truly unforgettable ones.

Story #1

During high school, I invited a girl to join me and a group of friends for a movie night at my place. As we sat together on the floor, she mentioned her sore neck and shoulders while rubbing them. Regrettably, I didn’t catch the hint to offer a back massage. Instead, I stood up and offered her a Tylenol, which became a running joke among my buddies for quite a while. Despite my lack of smoothness, fate was on my side as I eventually married her, and now we’re a happy family with three kids.


Story #2

It was around 2 a.m., and I was in my living room, watching TV in the dim light.

She was there too, applying strawberry lip gloss.


Curiously, I asked, “What’s the lip gloss for?”

With a smile, she replied, “Strawberry lip gloss just tastes so good.”

I chuckled, saying, “You’re quite unique.”


Playfully, she offered, “Want to give it a try?”

I shook my head, responding, “Nah, I’m already familiar with the taste.”

Little did I know, this innocent moment would lead to years of late-night regret and self-reproach.

Story #3


During my high school years, I found myself at a gig surrounded by peers from my class. Throughout the evening, I had been engaged in constant conversation with a particular girl, standing by her side.

Suddenly, another guy approached us and inquired, “Are you two a couple?” Without hesitation, she responded with a playful “not yet,” causing me to chuckle. I joined in, saying, “Nice one,” although she cast a peculiar glance my way.

Little did she know, I had an undeniable crush on her at the time.


Story #4

Taking a trip down memory lane to the early 2000s, I recall a dinner gathering with my colleagues.

Casually, she turned to me and said, “Hey r/madasaturtle, I’ve never been with a Dutch guy…”

In hindsight, the ideal response would have been, “Well, maybe we can change that tonight.”


However, my actual response was, “I’m in the same boat,” accompanied by a facepalm emoji 🤦‍♀️.

Story #5

My boyfriend has this adorable lack of skill when it comes to flirting. Our history spans 15 years of being great friends. All along, there were these hidden attractions between us, but we each happened to be in relationships at different times.

Around 6 years ago, when we were both single, I decided to have him over for a hot tub evening. I set the scene with candles and everything, but remarkably, he didn’t make a move. Even after we got out of the hot tub, I sat with my head in his lap, hoping for some sort of reaction. To my surprise, he went completely nonverbal.


Then came the following week, marked by New Year’s Eve. As the ball dropped, I seized the moment and kissed him. His response was nothing short of bewildered: “Wait, you want more than just friendship?” Talk about stating the obvious!

That was 5 years ago, and here we are, on the verge of getting married next year. Life’s funny that way, isn’t it?

Story #6

A situation occurred where a girl straightforwardly expressed her interest in me and her desire to date, but I mistook her sincerity for a joke. As it turns out, she was completely serious.

Story #7

“Hey, I was wondering if you have any plans for this weekend? How about we team up to cook some pasta and tiramisu? I’ll even bring all the ingredients.”

“Your invitation sounds lovely, but I’m honestly planning to just sleep all weekend” 🤦‍♂️

Little did I realize, she was an exchange student from Italy.

Story #8

Back in my university days, a girl once approached me and inquired about my relationship status. After confirming that I was indeed single, she delved further and asked if I was interested in having a girlfriend or actively seeking one. My response was along the lines of, “Yeah, I guess I am open to the idea,” to which she replied, “Being single can be challenging, having someone to go on dates with would be nice.”

Unfortunately, my legendary prowess with the opposite sex came to the forefront as I answered, “Absolutely, that would be great!” I promptly strolled into class, leaving her behind.

Story #9

Back in high school, I was having a Snapchat conversation with a girl. There was a momentary pause in her responses, and then she surprised me by sending a post-shower selfie. In the picture, her arm barely covered her chest, and the caption read, “Come play zombies.”

In my infinite wisdom, I responded with, “Do you have Xbox Live?” She replied with a disappointing, “No.” Not to be deterred, I continued, “Then how will we play?” She responded with a simple “Idk.” That was the end of the photo show. Her shirt was back on in the next snap.

A decade later, I still cringe at my own obliviousness.

Story #10

Embarked on a brief road trip with a coworker. While arranging hotel accommodations, she cleverly suggested, “Let’s book a single room with separate beds; it’ll be more cost-effective.” Recognizing the practicality, I went ahead and made the booking. Later that night, as we settled into our sleeping arrangements, I shared a YouTube video with her on my phone. She playfully insisted, “Get comfy! Why perch on the edge?” while lifting the comforter, inviting me to join her on her bed, which I did without a second thought.

While chatting, I reached across for a bottle of water situated on a nearby table, inadvertently brushing against her bra strap with my elbow. Swiftly apologizing, I took a sip from the bottle. Then came her curious query, “Is my bra getting in your way?” My brilliant response? “Nah, I got the bottle, no worries!”

It was only a day after our road trip had concluded that the reality of the situation dawned on me. Yes, I’m well aware that I hold the title of ultimate dimwit in this tale.


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