The difference between administering medication to a cat and a dog

Administer cat Dog Medication Successfully

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How To Feed Your Cat A Pill:

  1. Lift your cat and cradle it gently in the crook of your left arm, as if holding a baby.
  2. Use your right forefinger and thumb to gently apply pressure to the cheeks, while holding the pill in your right hand.
  3. As your cat opens its mouth, place the pill inside and allow it to swallow.
  4. Let your cat close its mouth and swallow the pill.

Retrieve any dropped pill and your cat, then repeat the process.

If unsuccessful, retrieve your cat and discard the soggy pill.

Take a fresh pill from its packaging. Cradle your cat in your left arm and hold its rear paws with your left hand to keep it steady. Force open the jaws and push the pill to the back of the mouth using your right forefinger. Hold the mouth shut for a count of ten.


In case of further difficulties, retrieve the pill from the goldfish bowl and your cat from the top of a wardrobe. Enlist the help of a family member.

Kneel on the floor, keeping your cat secure between your knees, holding both front and rear paws. Get a family member to hold the cat’s head firmly with one hand, and use the other hand to insert a wooden ruler into the mouth. Drop the pill down the ruler, then rub the cat’s throat to encourage swallowing.

Retrieve your cat from the curtain rail and find a new pill. Make a note to repair any damages.


Wrap your cat in a towel, and have a family member hold it gently while leaving the head exposed. Place the pill at the end of a drinking straw, and use a pencil to open the mouth, blowing down the straw to encourage swallowing.

Check the pill’s label for safety for humans, then have a drink to rid yourself of the taste. Apply a Band-Aid to any scratches on your arms and clean the carpet if needed.

Retrieve your cat from a neighbor’s shed, get another pill, and open another beer. Place your cat inside a cupboard, leaving only its head visible. Use a dessert spoon to open the mouth and flick the pill down the throat using an elastic band.


Deal with any unforeseen issues and apply first aid as required. Pour yourself another drink and get a fresh shirt.

Call the fire brigade if needed, apologize to the neighbor for any inconveniences, and take the last pill from its packaging.

Secure your cat’s paws with twine and fasten it to a stable surface. Wear heavy-duty gloves and push the pill into the mouth, followed by a piece of food. Tilt the head back and pour water down the throat to wash the pill down.

Consume the remainder of your drink, and if necessary, seek medical attention for any injuries. Consider ordering a new table if the situation calls for it.


How To Feed Your Dog A Pill:

Wrap it in cheese.


Amusing Midnight Interruption: A Misguided Phone Call


In the midst of a tranquil slumber, a husband and his wife find themselves resting in bed when suddenly the telephone rings.

Without much ado, the man answers the call, pausing briefly to catch the words before exclaiming, “For heaven’s sake, how would I possibly know? You imbecile, I’m no meteorologist!” He punctuates his response by forcefully disconnecting the call.

Curious, the wife inquires, “Who was that on the phone?”

With a hint of annoyance, he responds, “Just a mistaken call. Some inconsiderate individual inquiring if the situation was safe.”



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