This maid asked for a raise

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The housemaid approached the wife with a request for a salary increase, which left the wife feeling agitated…

Addressing the matter, the wife inquired, “Helen, could you please share your reasons for believing you should receive a raise?”

Helen responded, “Certainly, there are three factors. Firstly, my proficiency in ironing surpasses yours.” The wife questioned, “Who made such a statement?” Helen replied, “It was your husband.” The wife acknowledged, “I see.”


Continuing, Helen stated, “Secondly, my culinary skills are superior to yours.” Once again, the wife asked, “Who conveyed that perspective?” Helen disclosed, “Your husband.” The wife reacted with realization, “Ah.”

Concluding her points, Helen added, “Lastly, I excel in matters of intimacy more than you do.” Slightly taken aback, the wife inquired, “Did my husband actually express such a sentiment?” Helen clarified, “No, it was the gardener.” The wife contemplated for a moment and then asked, “Well then, what amount are you requesting?”



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