Unlocking the Mystery: Where Did the Remaining $1 Go? – Deciphering the Puzzle

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Posted August 15, 2023 by: Admin #Humor

The majority of individuals have stumbled upon this puzzle without finding its elusive solution. Now it’s your turn to give it a shot! Dive into the mind-bending riddle and see if you can emerge victorious. Don’t miss the chance to pit your wits against this enigma that has confounded many. Go ahead, take the challenge!



A T-shirt costs $97.

You don’t have enough money, so you borrow $50 from your mother and $50 from your father, making it a total of $100.

You purchase the T-shirt and receive $3 in change.


You give $1 to your mother, $1 to your father, and keep $1 for yourself.

Now you owe $49 to your father and $49 to your mother.

$49 + $49 = $98, and when you add the $1 you kept, it becomes $99.


Where did the remaining $1 go?


The missing $1 arises from the way the problem is structured and the trick of combining different transactions. The calculations and the narrative manipulate numbers in a way that can be confusing.


The initial borrowing of $100 is separate from the later transactions involving the $1 bills. The $1 kept by you was part of the $100 you initially borrowed and spent on the T-shirt. When you add the $1 you kept to the total amount owed to your parents ($49 + $49), you’re essentially double-counting the $1 you kept. In reality, that $1 has already been used and counted as part of the initial $100 borrowed, so there’s no need to add it again to the remaining debt.

In other words, the error in the reasoning comes from treating the $1 kept by you as if it’s additional money, when in fact it was already part of the $100 borrowed and used to purchase the T-shirt.



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