Amusing Anecdote: The Amish Family’s Trip to the Mall

Amish Amusing Anecdote Familys Mall Trip

Posted August 17, 2023 by: Admin #Humor

An Amish girl and her mother embarked on a visit to a shopping mall.


Their wonderment was stirred by nearly everything they encountered, but particularly by two sleek, silver panels that could separate and then seamlessly converge.

The girl inquired, “Mother, what is this?”

Her mother, who had never laid eyes on an elevator before, responded, “I have never witnessed anything quite like this in my lifetime. I am uncertain about its purpose.”


As the girl and her mother gazed in amazement, an elderly man in a wheelchair approached the mobile panels and pressed a button.

The panels slid apart, creating an entryway, and the man wheeled himself into the compact space formed between them.

With the panels closing, the girl and her mother observed numerical digits above the walls illuminating in sequence.


They remained captivated as the ascending numbers reached their zenith and subsequently witnessed the digits light up in a descending pattern.

Eventually, the panels reopened, and a handsome young man emerged.

Still entranced by the sight of the young man, the mother discreetly uttered to her daughter,


“Go fetch your father.”


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