30 Funniest Mother In Law Jokes That Might Bring The House Down

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Although cracking jokes about your mother-in-law might not be the epitome of kindness, it’s undeniable that in the right setting and context, such humor can be a real hit and earn you some camaraderie points. However, whether the right time and place to drop a mother-in-law joke is during your wedding speech as the groom is a rather debatable topic – it’s best to consider the potential aftermath yourself. P.S. I strongly advise against it.


Nonetheless, there’s a reason why mother-in-law jokes are a thing, and the sheer multitude of them attests to that fact. It’s an open secret that numerous couples find themselves in intricate relationships with their significant other’s parents. As the age-old saying goes, you either develop fondness or antipathy toward them, or maybe a mix of both. It’s also possible that over time, you cultivate affection for them, or perhaps you simply learn to coexist.

No matter the dynamic, whether you cherish or grumble about them, the family of your beloved partner becomes your own family too. Even if you’re not exactly fond of your mother-in-law, there’s often a level of respect you uphold. The lengths we go for our partners are truly remarkable… So, if you sense that your spouse or mother-in-law wouldn’t be amused by light-hearted mother-in-law jokes, it’s best to keep those amusing family anecdotes to yourself and share a chuckle privately or with pals who can empathize.


Joke #1

The wife dialed her mother’s number: “We had another fight. I’m thinking of coming over to stay with you.”

Her mom replied: “No need, my dear. He needs to learn from his mistakes. I’m the one who’ll come over to stay with you!”

Joke #2

What sets apart outlaws from in-laws?


Outlaws are the ones with a “Wanted” status.

Joke #3

A scenario involving the mother-in-law and a traffic stop:

The police officer inquired, “What’s inside the container?”


Her response: “Just water.”

The officer retorted: “Seems more like wine to me!”

She exclaimed: “Thank the heavens, Jesus has worked His magic once more!”

Joke #4

First guy: “You know, my mother-in-law is like an angel.”


Second guy: “Well, you’ve got some luck. Mine’s still kicking.”

Joke #5

“My mother-in-law deals with both acute diabetes and hay fever. To bring a smile to her face, I make an effort to brighten her day with chocolates and flowers.”

Joke #6

“After purchasing a talking parrot, my mother-in-law decided to return it merely a week later. Her grievance? ‘This parrot hasn’t uttered a single word,’ she exclaimed. Quick-witted, the parrot retorted, ‘I haven’t had a moment to speak!'”


Joke #7

“It’s been a year and a half since I last engaged in conversation with my mother-in-law. I find it best not to disrupt her flow.”

Joke #8

“My mother-in-law expressed her desire for a natural passing, so I’ve recently taken her to the heart of the jungle.”

Joke #9

“On my mother-in-law’s birthday, I decided to gift her a chair. However, my wife vetoed the idea of plugging it in.”

Joke #10

“The words my mother-in-law uttered just before her passing are etched in my memory: ‘Quit shaking the ladder, YOU MISCHIEVOUS KID!'”


Joke #11

“Experiencing mixed emotions is like witnessing your mother-in-law drive your brand-new car over a cliff.”

Joke #12

“While my family and I were vacationing in Florida, a sudden scream pierced the air as news spread that my mother-in-law had tumbled into the alligator pool. Without a second thought, I sprang into action… to rescue the alligator.”

Joke #13

“Last week, my mother-in-law had a mishap and fell down our well. Thankfully, she’s alright. Interestingly, she ceased calling for assistance about two days ago.”

Joke #14

“Whenever I spend time with my mother-in-law, I can’t help but ponder who’s managing hell while she’s away.”


Joke #15

“What are the two most challenging aspects of your mother-in-law?”

Her faces.

Joke #16

Why did the mother-in-law bring a ladder to the bakery? She heard they had some high-rise pies!

Joke #17

What do you call a mother-in-law who’s also a magician? Abracadabra-annoying!

Joke #18

Why did the mother-in-law bring a flashlight to the computer? She heard it had too many bright ideas!

Joke #19

How can you tell your mother-in-law is an optimist? She sees a half-empty glass as an opportunity to fill it with criticism!

Joke #20

Why did the mother-in-law put her money in the blender? She wanted to make some “liquid assets”!

Joke #21

What’s the difference between a GPS and a mother-in-law? The GPS eventually stops giving you directions!

Joke #22

Why did the mother-in-law sit in front of the computer all day? She heard it was a great way to “Ctrl” your life!

Joke #23

How does your mother-in-law resemble a hurricane? They both show up uninvited and leave a mess behind!

Joke #24

Why did the mother-in-law bring a ladder to the bar? She heard the drinks were on the house!

Joke #25

What do you call a mother-in-law who’s always interrupting? A “talk-blocker”!

Joke #26

Why did the mother-in-law bring a broom to the picnic? She wanted to sweep away any chances of having fun!

Joke #27

What do you get when you cross a mother-in-law with a headache? A migraine-in-law!

Joke #28

Why did the mother-in-law bring a pencil to the dessert buffet? She wanted to “take a note” of all the calories!

Joke #29

Why did the mother-in-law bring a chair to the orchestra? She wanted to “conduct” her own criticism session!

Joke #30

What do you call it when your mother-in-law falls into the river? A “stream” of good luck!


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