In the year 1095, numerous honorable knights departed for the Crusades

Crusades departed honorable knights numerous year

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In the year AD 1095, a departure for the Crusades was underway, and noble knights were setting forth on their journey.

One of the knights confided in his dearest companion, “Without a doubt, my bride is among the most exquisite women in the world. It would be a tragic loss if no man could win her over…


…Hence, as my most cherished and trustworthy friend, I am entrusting you with the key to her chastity belt, to use in the event that I do not return from the Crusade.”

The contingent of knights was barely a mile away from the town when they noticed a billowing cloud of dust approaching.

Suspecting that it could bring an important message from the town, the column came to a halt.


An equestrian figure drew near, who happened to be the knight’s closest companion.

He quipped, “Hey, you’ve handed me the wrong key!”



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