The encounter of an Irishman and an Englishman in a bakery

Bakery encounter Englishman Irishman

Posted August 30, 2023 by: Admin #Humor

An Irish individual and an English person stroll into a bakery.


The English individual clandestinely takes three buns, secreting them within his pockets before departing.

He turns to the Irish person and remarks, “It required significant finesse and cunning to purloin those buns. The proprietor didn’t even catch a glimpse of me.”

The Irishman retorts, “That’s merely straightforward thievery. Allow me to demonstrate how to achieve the same outcome through honorable means.”


Subsequently, the Irishman calls out to the bakery owner, declaring, “Sir, I wish to present you with a magical feat.”

Intrigued, the proprietor approaches to witness the magic trick.

The Irishman requests a bun and proceeds to consume it. He then asks for two more buns, consuming them likewise. At this point, the owner inquires, “Alright, my friend, where is this magic trick?”


To which the Irishman responds, “Take a look inside the Englishman’s pockets.”



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