Mick and Paddy, two irishman’s weird story

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Posted August 19, 2023 by: Admin #Humor


Two Irishmen, Mick and Paddy, strolled homeward from the pub after a night of late revelry.

Exhausted, Mick confided, “I find it quite arduous to traverse such a distance on foot.”


Sympathetic, Paddy replied, “Indeed, but given our current financial state, a cab is out of the question, and the last bus home has eluded us.”

A whimsical idea surfaced as Mick proposed, “What if we were to liberate a bus from the depot?”

Upon their arrival at the bus depot, Mick instructed Paddy to infiltrate the premises and secure a bus while he stood sentinel…


After an extended period of shuffling about, Mick’s voice echoed, “Paddy, for heaven’s sake, what’s the holdup? Haven’t you chanced upon one yet?”

Paddy’s voice carried back, “I’m struggling to locate a Number 91…”

Exasperated, Mick retorted, “Good grief, you thick-headed fellow! Grab the Number 14, and we’ll trek from the roundabout.”



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