The pilot expresses dissatisfaction with the airman’s behavior, but receives an unexpected response…

airmans Behavior dissatisfaction expresses pilot receives response unexpected

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The Lockheed C-141 Starlifter of the US Air Force is scheduled to depart from Thule Air Base in Greenland at midnight.

During the pre-flight inspection conducted by the pilot, it becomes evident that the lavatory holding tank hasn’t been emptied since the previous flight.

Consequently, a communication is dispatched to the base, prompting an off-duty airman to be summoned in order to address the situation.


Upon arrival, the airman realizes that the lavatory pump truck has been left exposed outdoors, resulting in it being frozen solid. This necessitates a search for an alternative pump truck within the hangar, further elongating the process.

Once the airman returns to the aircraft, he approaches the task with a sense of duty but not necessarily enthusiasm. Nevertheless, he proceeds meticulously and cautiously with the pumping procedure, intentionally maintaining a slow pace to preempt potential future criticism.

As he’s about to conclude and exit the aircraft, the pilot intercepts him with a stern remark, “Young man, your demeanor and actions have led to the postponement of this flight. Rest assured, I won’t just reprimand you, but ensure you face appropriate consequences.”


Despite the cold creeping into his bones, having fulfilled his duty, the airman takes a deep breath, stands tall, and articulates, “Sir, I deeply respect your position, but I must clarify that I am not your son. I proudly serve as an airman in the United States Air Force. I’ve been stationed in Thule, Greenland for a span of 11 months without any opportunity for leave. Even the hindquarters of reindeer are becoming oddly appealing. Presently adorned with a single rank stripe, the time registers 2:30 in the morning, the thermometer reads 40 degrees below zero, and my responsibility here involves waste removal from an aircraft.”

He concludes by querying, “Hence, may I inquire about the nature of the punishment under consideration?”



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