Who’s the most mighty animal in the jungle?

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One morning, a lion awoke with a surge of ferocity and aggression. He ventured out and cornered a small monkey, releasing a mighty roar, “Who reigns as the mightiest among all the jungle creatures?!”

The monkey, quaking with fear, promptly replied, “It’s undoubtedly you, majestic lion!”

Later, the lion encountered an ox and unleashed a fierce bellow, demanding, “Who claims the title of the mightiest amidst all jungle animals?”


The ox, clearly intimidated, stumbled over its words, “Oh, great lion, it is beyond dispute that you hold the supremacy among jungle inhabitants!”

Buoyed by these responses, the lion swaggered over to an elephant and thundered, “Who stands as the mightiest among all the creatures of the jungle?”

Swift as a bolt of lightning, the elephant ensnared the lion with its trunk, delivering forceful blows against a tree. The lion was left feeling as if it had collided with a safari wagon repeatedly.


Subsequently, the elephant pressed its weight down upon the lion, rendering it as flattened as a corn tortilla, before ambling away.

Despite the excruciating pain, the lion managed a feeble moan. He raised his head slightly and called out after the departing elephant,

“Just because you don’t know the answer, you don’t have to get so upset about it!”



A policeman was testing 3 Dumb brothers

A police officer was evaluating three trainee detectives who happened to be brothers known for their lack of intelligence.

To assess their ability to identify suspects, the officer presented a photo to the first brother for a mere 5 seconds and then concealed it. He inquired, “This is the suspect. How would you recognize him?”


The first brother confidently responded, “That’s simple! We’ll apprehend him swiftly because he’s got only one eye!”

The officer’s patience was tested as he explained, “Well, uh… that’s because the picture I showed was his profile.”

A bit taken aback, he rapidly showed the picture to the second brother and questioned, “This is the suspect. How would you identify him?”


Grinning, the second brother retorted, “Ha! He’d be a cinch to catch since he’s got only one ear!”

The officer, now bordering on frustration, snapped, “What’s the matter with you two? The picture shows a side profile, so obviously only one eye and one ear are visible! Can you not provide a more sensible answer?”

His frustration reaching its peak, he presented the picture to the third brother and demanded in an irritated tone, “This is the suspect. How would you identify him?”

Adding a warning tone, he emphasized, “Think before giving me a foolish response.”


The third brother stared intently at the image for a moment before declaring, “The suspect wears contact lenses.”

Taken aback, the officer was rendered speechless as he himself had no knowledge of the suspect’s eyewear preferences.

“That’s quite an interesting observation. Stay here briefly while I verify this information,” the officer instructed, departing to his office. He accessed the suspect’s file on his computer, and soon returned with an elated grin.

“Remarkable! It’s TRUE! The suspect indeed wears contact lenses. Impressive work! How did you manage such an astute deduction?”


Grinning, the brother responded with confidence, “It’s simple…”

“He can’t wear regular glasses because he has only one eye and one ear.”



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