Jeff Bridges Says Cancer Was ‘Nothing’ Compared With COVID

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Jeff Bridges, the beloved star of “The Old Man,” has faced tremendous challenges in recent times. Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in October 2020, Bridges was already undergoing chemotherapy when he contracted COVID-19. The 73-year-old actor candidly shared his experience and compared the impact of the two illnesses.


Recalling his battle, Bridges revealed that receiving a letter from the chemo place about his COVID diagnosis was devastating. With his immune system weakened by chemotherapy, the virus posed a significant threat. He admitted that COVID was incredibly tough due to his compromised immunity, far surpassing the difficulties he faced with cancer.


During his fight against the virus, Bridges also had to contend with a 9-by-12-inch tumor in his body. The weight of this situation led him to contemplate his own mortality and doubt whether he would ever be able to work again. However, as his recovery progressed, his perspective shifted from uncertainty to optimism.

Bridges credited his wife, Susan Gaston, as his unwavering champion throughout his journey. Susan fought tirelessly to keep him off a ventilator, a decision that aligned with Bridges’ own desires. In light of emerging studies suggesting potential risks associated with mechanical ventilation, their resolve was justified.


Surprisingly, Bridges revealed that he had been filming intense fight scenes for “The Old Man” without any knowledge of his cancer at the time. Remarkably, the tumor has since shrunk to the size of a marble, and Bridges announced his remission in September 2021. However, his path to recovery was anything but easy.

Bridges shared that his recovery process hinged on setting small goals. Initially, the challenge was to stand for short periods, with his record being 45 seconds before collapsing. The joy came when he surpassed that mark, progressing to walking just a few feet. Each achievement brought him closer to reclaiming his health and vitality.


Despite battling COVID-19 for a second time, Bridges acknowledged that the second experience was not as severe as the first. Buoyed by the love and support of his cast and crew on “The Old Man,” the actor eagerly looks forward to filming the second season, grateful for the invigorating effect of doing what he loves.


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