What is Amber Heard doing now? Six months on from losing Johnny Depp defamation trial

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s prolonged legal battle reached its conclusion in December, with the jury ruling in favor of Johnny. As a result, Amber’s insurance company was ordered to pay a substantial amount of money to Johnny, which has since been received by the actor. In a display of generosity, Johnny intends to donate $1 million to charity, a heartfelt gesture that follows his recent appearance at the Cannes Film Festival.


Meanwhile, what has Amber Heard been up to since the high-profile court case captured headlines last year? It has come to light that Amber made the decision to leave Hollywood behind and start anew in Spain, a revelation she shared only a few weeks ago. In May, it was reported that Amber had sold her home in California’s Yucca Valley, bidding farewell to her Hollywood lifestyle.

Having relocated to the sunny and vibrant country with her two-year-old daughter, Oonagh, Amber and her little girl were spotted enjoying the sights and sounds of Majorca last year. According to locals, the actress has seamlessly integrated into the community, leading a normal life as if she were a native Spaniard. Reports suggest that Amber is bilingual in Spanish and has found contentment in Spain, where she is happily raising her daughter away from the distractions of the industry.


While she has no immediate plans to return to work or Hollywood, Amber remains open to the possibility of coming back when the right project presents itself. She cherishes her time in Spain and recently expressed her love for the country in a TikTok video, where she spoke fluently in Spanish. When asked if she planned to make Spain her permanent home, Amber replied with hope and enthusiasm, stating that she loves living there.

Embracing her role as both mother and father to Oonagh, Amber is relishing her new life in Spain, far removed from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. In the same TikTok video, she hinted at upcoming projects, affirming her commitment to moving forward in life. Despite the challenges she has faced, Amber’s resilience shines through as she looks ahead to a bright future.



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