In hell, the three individuals have been granted permission to make a phone call

call granted hell individuals permission phone

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Three individuals find themselves in hell: one hails from the USA, another from England, and the third originates from Iraq.

Upon their arrival, the devil informs them that they are each entitled to make a phone call, but they must cover the charges.

The American makes a call home and engages in a conversation that spans an hour. When he finishes, the devil states, “The cost is $150.”


The Englishman then makes a call to his home country, speaking for a total of 3 hours. The devil informs him, “That will be $500.”

Lastly, the man from Iraq places a call to his home and converses for 5 hours. Surprisingly, the devil only charges him $5.

Perplexed and somewhat agitated, the other two individuals inquire, “Why was his call so inexpensively priced? He spoke for a much longer duration than both of us combined!”


With a sly grin, the devil replies, “His call was local.”



A physician working at a mental asylum opted to treat his patients to a baseball game. In the weeks leading up to the event, he diligently trained his patients to heed his instructions.

When the game day arrived, things proceeded remarkably well. As the strains of the National Anthem filled the air, the doctor boisterously commanded, ‘Up Nuts’, prompting his patients to promptly rise to their feet. Once the anthem concluded, he issued the directive, ‘Down Nuts’, and they all obediently settled back into their seats.

Later, when a home run resounded through the stadium, the doctor enthusiastically shouted, ‘Cheer Nuts’, resulting in a chorus of applause and cheers from his patients.

However, when the umpire delivered a particularly poor call against the home team’s star player, the doctor’s voice rang out, ‘Booooo Nuts’, and the patients erupted into a cacophony of boos and jeers.


Satisfied with their well-coordinated responses, the doctor decided to take a brief break for a beer and a hot dog, leaving his assistant in charge.

Upon his return, he was met with a scene of chaos. Approaching his visibly flustered assistant, the doctor inquired, “What on earth transpired here?”

With a mix of distress and bewilderment, the assistant recounted, “Everything was proceeding smoothly until a passerby walked by and yelled, ‘PEANUTS!'”



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