A woman tests her husband at the gates of Paradise

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A woman passed away and found herself at the gates of heaven. There, she was met by a waiting angel.

Curious, she asked, “What’s required of me to gain entry?”

The angel’s response was simple, “You only need to spell a word.”


Intrigued, she inquired further, “And which word am I supposed to spell?”

“Love,” the angel replied.

Feeling relieved, she swiftly spelled out, “L-O-V-E.”


The angel nodded approvingly and proceeded to open the gates.

Time went by, and one day, the angel who guarded the gates approached the woman and requested her assistance in watching over the entrance for the day.

Agreeing, the woman took up her post.


While she was on duty, a man approached the gate, and to her astonishment, it was none other than her husband.

Overwhelmed, she exclaimed, “Oh, my love! Why have you arrived so soon?”

He began to share, “My dear, the day you left me, I was shattered. I fell into a deep abyss of sorrow that seemed insurmountable. Your accident plunged me into a darkness where sleep and sustenance eluded me. All I could do was grieve for you.”

She empathized, saying, “I hope in time you found a way to heal and move forward, to not carry that pain for too long.”


With a surprising twist, he responded, “In fact, a nurse cared for you with remarkable compassion, and in that process, she mended my broken spirit too. We grew close, and her support was invaluable. Eventually, I proposed to her, and we married. Yet, tragedy struck again during our honeymoon when I had a severe skiing accident.”

Understanding his situation, she inquired, “So, you’ve come here now… What’s required for your entry?”

He asked eagerly, “Is it as simple as spelling a word?”


She confirmed, “Indeed, you only need to spell a word.”

Relieved, he asked, “And what’s the word I need to spell?”

With a gentle smile, she responded, “Baccalaureate.”



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