Woman, 23, plunged to her death falling from cliff as she tried to walk home in dark

Posted February 21, 2023 by: Admin #Health

A young woman tragically lost her life when she fell from a cliff edge while attempting to make her way home after a night out in Bude, Cornwall.


Megan Thornton, a recent graduate of Exeter University’s Business School, had been staying at a holiday cottage with a group of strangers she had met during the evening. She was told she could not stay the night due to the number of people already sleeping at the property and decided to leave.

According to an inquest into her death, Megan calmly left the cottage with another guest and tried to call a cab. However, she seemed to have made up her mind to walk home despite not knowing the area and the lack of lighting. The solar lights that normally indicate the cliff edge were not functioning that evening, leaving the cliff unprotected. As a result, Megan accidentally walked off the edge and fell 30 feet onto rocks below.


Emergency services were called, and Megan was given life support on the beach, but she ultimately could not be saved. Her father, Paul Thornton, praised Megan’s academic achievements and ambition, saying that she was a determined and hardworking person. The inquest concluded that her death was a tragic accident, and there were no suspicious circumstances involved.

Megan’s death has prompted questions about the safety of coastal areas with high levels of erosion. The lack of fencing to protect people from the cliff edge is a common issue in such areas, and the inquest heard that the fencing had been ripped down due to erosion. It is hoped that this tragedy will draw attention to the need for better safety measures in such areas, including increased lighting and more robust fencing.


Megan’s family has not blamed anyone for the incident and expressed gratitude to those who tried to help Megan. The senior coroner Andrew Cox acknowledged the efforts of Alice Rogers, a GP practice nurse who was staying at the holiday cottage and who gave Megan life support on the beach. Cox stated that there was nothing more she could have done to avoid this outcome, and he recorded an accidental death conclusion.

Megan’s story is a tragic reminder of the dangers that can arise when people are not aware of the risks in unfamiliar areas. The lack of lighting and fencing in coastal areas can be particularly hazardous, and visitors must take care to familiarize themselves with their surroundings and take appropriate precautions. Although Megan’s death cannot be undone, her memory can be honored by raising awareness of the need for better safety measures in vulnerable coastal areas.



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