This 10-day challenge is how Jennifer Lopez lost weight.

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Today, sugar and carbohydrates have become such an essential part of our diet that it is very difficult to avoid. Even if all the foods we eat end up turning into sugar (glucose) in our bodies, which includes carbohydrates, healthy foods will eventually provide us with great nutritional value to help us maintain perfect health.

However, we are still very excited about adding white sugar, which contains calories without any nutritive value, or carbs, that our body needs.


In the case of Jennifer Lopez, the decision of avoiding sugar and carbohydrates for ten full days was not due to any negative effects of their consumption. Quite the opposite, it was her coach who recommended her to give her body a little shock by cutting off a source of energy that she is used to have in her meal like sugar and carbs.


To be in shape


The goal of Lopez is to look slim and fit for her upcoming film in which she plays the role of a woman whose striper.  The role will require her to show off her body, getting in shape for the role seems to be a top priority for her. Besides exercising all the time, the singer/actress must also watch her diet.

Lopez says that the 10-day challenge was a real shock to her body, so much so that she began to feel disconnected from reality. Being used to eating foods with sugar and carbohydrates all the time, this challenge was very difficult for her.

Cutting sugar and carbs, made Jennifer Lopez open…



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