Looking for a healthy lifestyle for you and your partner? Here’s how to convince your spouse to join you.

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We all often forget how important our health matters. With the busy lifestyles, we lead today, both at work and at home… we all tend to put off actions that are seen as insignificant and yet extremely important to our body’s well-being.

A healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet is always a positive step. But it would be even better if our soulmate could team up with us. This would make it a lot easier to ensure a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the temptation for one of us to eat outside or have a fatty meal delivered.


However, convincing a person to change their nutritional habits is not as simple as that! According to Wendy Lopez, registered Dietitian, this is how you can encourage your spouse to go in the right direction without pushing too hard and how to react if they refuse.

Respecting limits and preferences.

Like relationships, there are food-related boundaries that you definitely shouldn’t cross in order to persuade your partner to start eating healthier.

We all have our food habits and preferences, and it is essential to respect them. Putting pressure on a person to change their eating habits can be useful, but it is only effective in the short term.


Have regular meal times

Eating is first and foremost a pleasure. Having a meal together is both a moment of sharing that is both enjoyable and beneficial. It leads us to truly savor what’s on the plate and can also be an effective way to limit weight gain.

Sharing includes activities such as doing grocery together, Planning meals for the week, or simply helping each other in the kitchen…


For couples, Lopez suggests…


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