Miley Cyrus isn’t having kids until this problem is solved!

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Posted August 14, 2020 by: Admin #Health

Celebrities often support social causes by imposing limits on their own life choices.


As an example, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt vowed not to get married until everyone in the United States had the right to do so, but they finally agreed after a big pressure from their children, yet the right of marriage for all was not applied in all except for a few states in America.

Miley Cyrus has now decided not to give birth to a child until the climate change issue is resolved.  Both the talented singer and her husband Liam Hemsworth agreed that they would not want to raise a child in a world without a bright future.


Climate Change Considerations.

Considering the impact of climate change in decisions about whether or not to have children is an idea that has been frequently raised over the past few decades. Miley and Liam both seem to share this idea. A poll conducted by Insider found that 38% of Americans in the 18-29 age range are willing to consider the impact of having children on the climate.

Climate change will affect certain parts of the world in various forms, from flash floods to many other natural disasters.


Women’s empowerment.

The singer’s activism for a climate change dialogue focused on actions to fix the problem was a surprise to some of her fans who are aware of the fact that she is so passionately engaged in women’s empowerment. This passion is also clearly reflected in the song’s she works on.

Yet Miley believes that climate change and women’s empowerment are not that different. she claims that men had exploited women for many years and so does human for the earth, as a normal reaction, women now fight for their rights and so does the earth, by provoking natural catastrophes.


In an interview Miley did…


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