‘I earn £150,000 a year but people still don’t take my job seriously’

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Danny Webb, a highly skilled electrician and project manager, is using his platform to shed light on the challenges faced by tradespeople and to encourage open discussions about mental health. Despite earning a commendable £150,000 annually, Danny believes that the lack of recognition given to those in the trade sector hampers its growth and affects the well-being of workers like himself.


In an effort to transform the perception of his profession and make it more appealing, Danny has taken to Instagram, where he has established himself as an “electrician influencer.” His goal is to showcase the excitement and creativity that come with the job, challenging the stereotype that tradespeople are undervalued. He firmly believes that a change in mentality is necessary for the trade industry to be taken more seriously.


During Mental Health Awareness week, Danny spoke candidly about the impact his demanding workload has had on his mental well-being. He highlighted the reluctance among men in the trade sector to discuss their mental health due to fears of being labeled as “weak.” However, he emphasizes that mental health should be given the same attention as physical health, as both are equally important.

Danny is acutely aware of the shortage of skilled workers in the industry, and he isn’t surprised that it will soon require nearly one million new recruits to meet demand. He attributes this shortage to the high workloads that often lead to burnout and individuals seeking other career paths. The stress from management pressures, unrealistic goals, and physical labor can take a toll on mental health, creating unique challenges for tradespeople.

Despite the challenges, Danny highlights the rewards of working in the trade industry. He finds satisfaction in the diversity of his daily tasks and the opportunity to showcase his creativity through installations. For him, every day is an opportunity to look back and marvel at what he has accomplished.


However, a report by Checkatrade.com’s Trade Skills Index reveals that two-thirds of construction workers do not discuss their mental health, and men in the trade sector are three times more likely to take their own lives compared to the general population. In response, mental health charity Mind recommends creating clear boundaries between work and personal life, and prioritizing self-care during breaks.

Danny expresses understanding and concern regarding these statistics, noting that although progress has been made in normalizing discussions about mental health, many people still hesitate to speak up. He believes that the pressure to perform and the fear of being perceived as “weak” by colleagues contribute to this silence.



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