Kelsea Ballerini Is ‘Proud’ of Her Emotional Growth: ‘My Soul, My Heart and My Body Are at Rest’ (Exclusive)

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Kelsea Ballerini, the 29-year-old country singer, has been candid about her life struggles and her most recent album, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat. The album dealt with the emotional turmoil of her divorce from fellow singer Morgan Evans in November.


The singer has described it as being an “open book” and is glad she can connect with fans through her music. On her current Heartfirst tour, which runs through the first week of July, Ballerini says her fans relate to her new music, which is more filterless than her previous works, and she is enjoying her music’s healing power.

Ballerini believes that being alone requires comfort with anything that comes up, and she has learned how to deal with it. She has reinvested in her life, surrounded herself with those she loves, and now has fewer people in her life, but they are the right people. She has also found peace in chiropractor visits and self-care routines.


Ballerini’s perception of beauty has changed throughout the past year, and she now sees it as being happy internally rather than aesthetics. Ballerini, who was insecure as a child, struggled with an eating disorder in her teens until she got help at age 18.

She has since learned that conversation creates community and community accountability, helping one move on from trauma. She never doubted her “knowing” feeling about making music, and her parents’ support helped her follow her passion, even if it meant moving to Nashville.


After signing a record deal at 19, Ballerini found success with her debut single “Love Me Like You Mean It” and her first album, The First Time. Ballerini married Evans in 2017, but the marriage ended in divorce in November, leading her to write the Rolling Up the Welcome Mat album.

The singer is currently dating and has felt surprised by the interest people have shown in her personal life over the past year. Overall, Ballerini has learned the importance of letting go of control and embracing change to find happiness.



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