A Dual Delight: Newborn Twins Arrive on Parents’ Shared Birthday, Filling the Day with Joy

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Cleveland, OH – Prepare for a heartwarming tale of double joy! The 18th of August marks not only the birthday of 31-year-old Jose Ervin, Jr. but also a day of immense celebration for him and his fiancée, Scierra Blair.


The stars of this remarkable story are none other than their newborn twins. The clock struck 12:35 a.m. for Jose Ervin III and merely a minute later at 12:36 a.m., his sister A-ria made her entrance into the world on August 18, 2023. These non-identical twins, weighing just over 5 pounds each, took their first breaths at the Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital in Ohio.

Ervin couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared, “It’s a dream come true, honestly. It was very unique, and it’s a blessing honestly. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing for my birthday. I just said I wanted a good gift, and God sent me my kids on my birthday.” The unexpected synchronization of their birthdays turned this day into an unforgettable and heartwarming memory for the Ervin family.


The twins’ arrival wasn’t anticipated to be on this very day. As the due date approached, it was August 17 that brought an unexpected turn of events. Blair began experiencing labor, prompting doctors to recommend a c-section delivery due to one of the babies being breached.

In a touching gesture, Ervin proposed waiting until the stroke of midnight on August 18 to undergo the procedure, ensuring that the entire family would share the same birthday. Despite initial hesitations, Blair agreed to this unique plan, cementing the bond between the twins and their parents even further.


Ervin reminisces how, at first, they never thought they’d be celebrating their birthdays in tandem with their children. However, as the pregnancy progressed, the possibility emerged, and the anticipation grew. “And it’ll be crazy if they come on our birthdays,” Ervin had playfully mused to Blair earlier.

As they move forward, birthdays will take on an entirely new level of excitement and love for the Ervin family. With the birth of these precious twins, each future birthday promises to be a joyful and unforgettable celebration.

This heartwarming story was reported from Los Angeles.



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