Husband of woman found beheaded in Emily in Paris park took 6 days to report her missing

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The decapitated head of a married French mother of three, Assia Matoug, was discovered in a Parisian park this week.


Her body parts were stuffed in two garbage bags and left in Buttes-Chaumont Park, which is known as a filming location for crime series and films, including “Emily in Paris.” According to sources close to the investigation, Ms. Matoug’s husband, Youcef Matoug, took six days to report her missing. Mr. Matoug claims he was in a state of shock and too overcome with grief to speak to police earlier.

The murder investigation into Ms. Matoug’s death has entered its fourth day, with no suspects identified. Her mobile phone was turned off when she went missing from her family home in Montreuil, a northeast suburb of the French capital, on January 31st. Mr. Matoug is said to be “in a state of great distress” while looking after the couple’s three children, aged eight, 14, and 17.


The first garbage bag was discovered on Monday by park workers in an area used to dump waste. The bag was hidden under a pile of leaves, and inside was a section of the body cut from below the chest to the knees. Police were called, and by late afternoon on Monday, a full-scale search involving forensic officers had been launched. By Tuesday morning, Ms. Matoug’s dismembered head was found at the end of a disused railway line in the park.

Detectives established that Ms. Matoug had been dressed in blue jeans with floral decoration at the level of the right thigh. An autopsy has been carried out, and thousands of hours of CCTV footage shot around the park are being studied for clues.

Meanwhile, the park remains partially closed while forensic officers comb the area for clues, leaving many Parisians unsettled.



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