Danniella Westbrook prepares for boob job in Turkey despite recent surgery ‘nightmare’

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Danniella Westbrook, the beloved former EastEnders star, is embracing a positive outlook as she prepares for an upcoming cosmetic procedure in Turkey. Despite enduring a recent medical ordeal that left her hesitant about undergoing further surgery, Danniella remains determined to enhance her appearance and regain her confidence.


During a previous visit to Turkey, the actress encountered a distressing situation while undergoing a procedure to reconstruct her nose, which had been affected by the consequences of past drug abuse. Danniella expressed her dismay, describing the experience as a “nightmare.” She shared her accounts of being treated roughly by a physician and enduring moments of intense pain during the operation.

Nevertheless, Danniella’s unwavering spirit and her desire for personal transformation shine through, as she has been spotted relaxing by a pool in Turkey, engaging in discussions about a potential breast augmentation that could increase her cup size by four sizes. The actress has chosen Comfort Zone Surgery in Istanbul, a renowned clinic that has attracted other television personalities such as Chloe Ferry.


Danniella’s decision to seek facial reconstruction in Turkey was influenced by a close friend who convinced her of the country’s expertise in cosmetic procedures. While the NHS quoted an astounding £500,000 for the surgeries she requires, Danniella has valiantly decided to cover the expenses herself.

The journey to finding a solution has not been without its challenges. After undergoing 3D scans on her nose, Danniella was informed that the corrective surgery she longed for was “impossible” due to her osteoporosis. This news devastated her, as she had eagerly anticipated the life-changing procedure for five years. However, an alternative was proposed: fillers in her face and Botox injections to straighten her nose. Danniella agreed to return to the surgeon for further evaluation.


During her subsequent meeting with the surgeon, Danniella was surprised to learn that they also recommended a thread lift, a non-surgical cosmetic technique designed to tighten and uplift the face. Unfortunately, this encounter turned sour when the actress expressed her discomfort and was allegedly slapped by the surgeon. Subsequently, she received stitches from the surgeon’s medical assistant but was discharged without pain relief or antibiotics.

Reflecting on her harrowing experience, Danniella expressed gratitude for her survival. She candidly admitted that the outcome did not meet her expectations, as her nose remained unchanged despite the insertion of 200 threads. Additionally, she disclosed that she has developed fluid-filled lumps on her abdomen. Understandably, these circumstances have left her disheartened and hesitant about future surgical endeavors, vowing to avoid undergoing surgery abroad ever again.



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