Holly Willoughby no longer ‘very friendly’ star she was at start of career, says ex-co star

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Former Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner recently shared his thoughts on host Holly Willoughby, acknowledging that she has undergone changes since her early days in the industry. However, Jason emphasized that he still holds fond memories of their time working together.


Recalling Holly’s early career, Jason acknowledged her friendly nature and the absence of an extensive entourage. In those days, they were good colleagues, often sharing backstage giggles. Holly would even check on Jason’s well-being after particularly challenging weeks. Their camaraderie and rapport were evident, creating a positive atmosphere on the set.

But Jason revealed that he noticed a shift in Holly’s dynamic over time. During his final season on the show, he observed a team of around eight people accompanying her everywhere, signaling her transformation into a recognizable brand. This change left Jason feeling distant from the Holly he once knew.


Despite their history, Jason expressed disappointment when Holly didn’t reach out to him after his abrupt departure from the show. Only Ashley Banjo, a fellow judge, extended his support, leaving Jason with a sense of being treated as disposable. It was a difficult experience for him, and he longed for more acknowledgment and connection from his former colleague.

On another note, Holly recently addressed viewers with a speech that garnered mixed responses. Comedian David Baddiel, in a scathing tweet, humorously expressed his surprise at Holly’s question, “Firstly, are you OK?”, initially believing she was addressing someone behind the camera. However, it became evident that she was speaking to the British public, acknowledging the challenges and traumas they have faced due to events on the ITV morning show. The tweet received significant attention and humorously highlighted the shared struggles many face.



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