Ally McCoist wouldn’t let Jack Grealish near daughters after Man City Treble win

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In a light-hearted banter, Ally McCoist has playfully reiterated his stance of not allowing Manchester City star Jack Grealish near his daughters, even as he praised the player’s contributions following Pep Guardiola’s team clinching the treble.


McCoist had jokingly expressed during last year’s World Cup that if he had five daughters instead of sons, he would happily welcome England midfielder Jude Bellingham as his son-in-law, but Grealish would not receive the same invitation. Even after witnessing Grealish’s instrumental role in City’s treble celebrations, the former Rangers striker has humorously doubled down on his position.

Grealish, currently in a committed relationship with model Sasha Attwood, was at the forefront of the jubilant celebrations as City emerged victorious with a 1-0 win over Inter Milan in the Champions League final. Speaking on talkSPORT, McCoist shared his thoughts on the talented player, stating, “He’s incredibly likeable and I genuinely believe he is one of the most relatable personalities in football.”


Interestingly, McCoist speculated that Grealish’s increased playing time this season may have been influenced by Phil Foden’s injury, as rotation and Pep’s squad management could have affected his minutes. Nonetheless, McCoist affirmed that Grealish has been exceptional, stating, “He has been absolutely outstanding. His interactions with people, his demeanor in the press, and most importantly, his connection with the fans. He actively engages with those who are less fortunate, displaying a genuine relatability.”

“He’s a breath of fresh air, and I’m genuinely rooting for him. He possesses a great character,” McCoist added. Reflecting on his previous comment regarding Jude Bellingham during the World Cup, where he humorously expressed his willingness to let Bellingham date his hypothetical five daughters, he amusingly reiterated that Grealish would not have the same privilege.


When co-host Laura Woods inquired if Grealish’s newfound status as a treble winner would change his mind, McCoist amusingly replied, “No, I would actually add an extra lock to the padlocks securing my daughters.” Nevertheless, he expressed his admiration for Grealish, stating, “He’s a fantastic player to watch, and he possesses an engaging persona.”

While McCoist’s playful banter about Grealish’s eligibility as a potential son-in-law continues, it is evident that his appreciation for the player’s skills and character remains unwavering.



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