Freelance writer uses AI ChatGPT to write a ‘convincing’ $600 article in 30 seconds

Posted February 22, 2023 by: Admin #News

A new era of content creation is upon us as OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot has been revealed to write an entire marketing article in just 30 seconds.


This revelation was shared by freelance writer Henry Williams, who claimed that the finished product was something he could have charged $615 for after a few minor edits.

Despite being inhuman in tone and structure, Williams admits that the article was spot on in terms of grammar, syntax, and key points. With a little refinement, it could easily pass as a sponsored content article, much like the one Williams had spent hours writing himself as a professional copywriter.

For those unfamiliar with ChatGPT, it is an online tool that can generate songs, poems, and even college essays with just a few prompts. It has even passed a business school exam, which begs the question: what does this mean for human writers?


Williams believes that writers and editors will still be needed, but fewer of them. While humans will still be required to provide prompts, mountains of copy could be produced by the technology itself.

In addition to marketing articles, ChatGPT is also capable of producing homework. However, concerns about cheating have led to the creation of GPTZero by Princeton University student Edward Tian. The app can reportedly detect whether an essay was written by ChatGPT or a human, making it an essential tool for preventing academic dishonesty.


In the end, the hype around ChatGPT only highlights the importance of knowing the origin of content, be it human or machine-generated. As technology continues to evolve, it’s up to us as consumers to remain vigilant and ensure that the content we engage with is trustworthy and of the highest quality.



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