Jane McDonald ‘didn’t realise’ she’d dropped FOUR dress sizes after weight loss

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Beloved TV personality and renowned cruise icon, Jane McDonald, has shared the inspiring story of her remarkable transformation, shedding an incredible four dress sizes to achieve a svelte size 8.


Recognized for her glamorous appearance and captivating curves, the former Loose Women star, who captivated audiences as the host of the prestigious British Soap Awards, opened up about her journey towards a healthier lifestyle. In 2016, Jane realized that her weight had gradually increased, a consequence of indulging in an abundance of junk food. Determined to make a positive change, she embarked on a journey of nourishing her body with wholesome choices while still allowing herself the occasional treat.

With an unwavering commitment to her well-being, the Channel 5 star incorporated green smoothies, brimming with nutritious ingredients such as kale, spinach, and revitalizing fruits, into her daily routine. Jane conscientiously curbed her affinity for sugar and red wine, making conscious efforts to maintain a balanced and nourishing diet.


In an interview with Women’s Own, Jane conveyed her philosophy of striking a harmonious balance between health-conscious choices and the occasional indulgence. “Life is too fleeting not to relish a delectable scone or two,” she expressed. “Granting oneself moments of pleasure is essential.”

Jane’s revelation regarding her past eating habits highlighted a significant shift in her approach to nutrition. “I used to consume copious amounts of unhealthy food without realizing the impact it had on my body,” she confessed. The entertainer attributed her previous unhealthy choices to the demands of her bustling work schedule and frequent tours, which left little room for considering a more wholesome diet.


In addition to her dietary modifications, Jane’s participation in the eye-opening 2016 documentary Sugar Free Farm played a pivotal role in her transformation. Discovering the staggering amounts of hidden sugars in everyday pre-packaged foods left her both astounded and determined to make lasting changes. She diligently eliminated alcohol, cakes, biscuits, and convenience foods from her diet. Although it was challenging, Jane remarkably curtailed her cherished red wine consumption, now savoring just one glass per week—an achievement she takes immense pride in.

Maintaining her vibrant health and radiance is paramount to Jane’s illustrious career, which includes captivating TV appearances. This year, she assumed the coveted role of host for the esteemed British Soap Awards on ITV, a long-held aspiration she described as “a dream come true.”


Overflowing with enthusiasm, she eagerly shared, “Being chosen as this year’s host for The British Soap Awards is an absolute honor! Soap operas hold a special place in my heart, and it has been an incredible year with mentions in Corrie, EastEnders, and Emmerdale. I am thrilled to celebrate the hard work of all the talented soap nominees. Bring on the awards—I simply cannot wait!”


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