Succession series finale reveals who will replace Logan Roy

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Armstrong, delivered a momentous conclusion that left viewers in awe. Amidst a backdrop of intense emotions, the fate of Waystar Royco, a prominent company, was decided. As the episode unfolded, it became evident that the power dynamics within the Roy family were about to undergo a significant transformation.


The tension peaked when the board approved the sale of Waystar Royco to tech magnate Lukas Matsson, portrayed by the talented Alexander Skarsgård. This unexpected turn of events propelled Matthew Macfadyen’s character, Tom Wambsgans, into the coveted role of U.S. CEO. Tom’s ascent to the position marked a remarkable achievement for him personally, and it filled the hearts of fans with joy and admiration.

However, the episode was not without its share of surprises. Sarah Snook’s character, Shiv Roy, initially aligned herself with her brothers, Kendall and Roman, portrayed by Jeremy Strong and Kieran Culkin, respectively, to block the deal. Shiv had her eyes set on the CEO position but later had a change of heart during a heartfelt conversation with her siblings. Despite their complex relationships, the Roy siblings displayed an unwavering bond, and Shiv ultimately voted against the sale.


In the midst of these monumental shifts, viewers were treated to glimpses of other Waystar Royco employees and their futures. Tom, embracing his newfound role, made the decision to retain both the cunning Greg, played by Nicholas Braun, and the astute legal counsel Gerri, portrayed by J. Smith-Cameron. However, he bid farewell to Frank, portrayed by Peter Friedman, and Carl, portrayed by David Rasche, acknowledging their departure from the company.


Meanwhile, even Fisher Stevens’ communications chief, Hugo Baker, faced his own share of challenges. When attempting to establish a connection with his new boss, Tom inquired about the whereabouts of Karolina Novotney, Waystar Royco’s dedicated publicity chief portrayed by Dagmara Dominczyk. This unexpected turn of events hinted at a potential shift in the dynamics of the company’s communication strategy.

As the episode reached its poignant conclusion, viewers witnessed a pregnant Shiv seemingly reconciling with Tom, symbolizing the power of forgiveness and personal growth. Roman, on the other hand, sought solace in a nearby bar, perhaps contemplating his own journey. Lastly, Kendall, burdened by the weight of his past actions, was accompanied by Scott Nicholson’s Colin, his father’s former chief of security, as he embarked on a path of self-reflection.


Sunday night’s finale was a landmark moment, filled with twists and turns that left fans captivated until the very end. The series managed to evoke a wide range of emotions, from joy and anticipation to introspection and nostalgia. With its compelling narrative and stellar performances, Succession concluded its run in a truly unforgettable and satisfying manner, reminding us of the power of family, redemption, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.


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