Jennifer Garner: ‘Anything I do well’ in the kitchen is ‘because of Ina’ Garten

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Meeting your heroes can often lead to disappointment, but Jennifer Garner’s experience with Ina Garten was quite the opposite. Garner, an actor and mother, joined Harper’s Bazaar for its “Food Diaries” series on April 14, where she shared her favorite meals, snacks, and culinary inspirations.


Starting with her regular breakfast, Garner admitted to being a coffee fanatic, starting her day with a black coffee and sometimes an almond milk cappuccino. Currently, her breakfast of choice is full-fat yogurt with berries and nuts. For lunch, Garner enjoys a fresh arugula salad with garden-fresh veggies, cheese, nuts, and a little rice. When it comes to snacks, she reaches for pre-sliced apples with peanut butter and Once Upon a Farm’s blended fruit pouches, which are suitable for anyone aged 6 months or above.

Despite her love of cooking and posting her culinary adventures on her “Pretend Cooking Show,” Garner doesn’t consider herself a great cook or baker, but she loves to cook and bake for her family, especially her kids. She credits Ina Garten for greatly improving her cooking skills and often leans on the Barefoot Contessa for recipe inspiration. Garner particularly loves Garten’s Honey White Bread, Roast Chicken, and Beef Bourguignon.


Garner also gave a shoutout to Daniele Uditi, the owner and chef behind a popular West Coast group called Pizzana, where she often goes for the Brussels sprout salad. She also shared a unique way of eating pizza, where she puts salad on top of her kid’s pizza slice and folds it up, revealing her love for both sweet and salty foods.

Garner’s ultimate dislike is olives, but she recently learned to make homemade chocolate magic shell for topping ice cream, which she can’t resist. Throughout the video, Garner’s admiration for Ina Garten shines through, expressing how much she loves Garten’s recipes and the way she roasts vegetables and makes salmon. Garner also confessed to almost setting her kitchen on fire while trying to recreate Garten’s Beef Bourguignon.



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