Paul Cattermole police issue update on investigation into S Club star’s death

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In a touching turn of events, the police have concluded their investigation into the tragic passing of beloved S Club 7 singer, Paul Cattermole. After extensive collaboration with the Coroner’s Office, it has been determined that no further assistance is required, bringing closure to the case.


Following the release of Paul’s cause of death, the Dorset Police spokesperson expressed their commitment to staying informed about the latest updates from the Coroner’s Office. Now, with the confirmation that Paul’s demise resulted from natural causes, the investigation has come to a respectful conclusion. No inquest will be held as it has been established that his passing was due to natural causes.

The news of Paul’s untimely death at the age of 46 on April 6 left his S Club 7 bandmates devastated. This heartbreak was particularly poignant as it occurred just months before the band’s scheduled 25th-anniversary tour, which they had been eagerly anticipating.


In a heartfelt statement, the band shared their profound grief over the loss of their brother, Paul, emphasizing that his presence in their lives was truly cherished. Grateful for the treasured memories they shared, they requested privacy for both Paul’s family and the band during this difficult time.

Following the tragedy, Hannah Spearritt, who had previously been in a relationship with Paul and was a fellow band member, made the decision to take a step back from the upcoming tour. Rachel Stevens, Jon Lee, Tina Barrett, Jo O’Meara, and Bradley McIntosh took to social media to announce this news and pay tribute to their dear friend.


During their announcement, the remaining five members reassured fans that the show would go on. In honor of Paul, they renamed the tour “The Good Times Tour,” after the song that Paul was meant to perform. Their decision aimed to celebrate his memory and keep his spirit alive throughout their performances.

Paul’s passing, which occurred one day before it was made public, deeply saddened his family. In a poignant statement, they shared the unexpected loss of their beloved son and brother. While the cause of his death remains unknown, the authorities have confirmed that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his passing.



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