A man goes off to Africa gorilla hunting with a friend

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Posted August 17, 2023 by: Admin #Humor


In the morning, they set out equipped with handcuffs, a menacing dog, and a rifle.

Upon reaching a tree where a gorilla is perched, the hunter shares his strategy with his friend,


“I will ascend the tree stealthily, adopting the approach of a ninja, and dislodge the gorilla from its branch. The moment he lands on the ground, the dog will clamp down on him, targeting a rather sensitive area, with an unyielding grip. As the gorilla instinctively raises his hands to fend off the dog, that’s when you’ll restrain him with the handcuffs, leading to his capture.”

His friend queries, “Understood, but what purpose does the rifle serve?”

The hunter responds with a grin,


“If the unlikely scenario unfolds where the gorilla manages to topple me from the tree – that’s when you shoot the dog!”



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