US shot down the ‘octagonal’ object over Lake Huron

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In recent days, the United States has been hit by a wave of UFO fever after a series of mysterious objects were shot down using missiles from F-16 fighter jets. The latest object, described as an “octagonal” craft with “potential surveillance capabilities,” flew near a sensitive military site in Montana before being taken down over the Great Lakes. The two previous objects, shot down over Alaska and Canada, were described as cylindrical and both were believed to have a payload attached to them. The collection of unidentified objects has sparked speculation about their origin and purpose, with the Pentagon refusing to rule out the possibility of an extraterrestrial connection.


This comes after a spherical Chinese balloon was shot down on February 4 over South Carolina, which China claimed was an unmanned weather surveillance aircraft that had gone off-course. However, the three subsequent unidentified objects remain a mystery, and officials have not ruled out the possibility that all of the objects could be balloons released by China to send a political statement or threat to North American airspace.

“This isn’t The War of the Worlds, it’s spying.”


The Pentagon has issued a statement saying that the path and altitude of the latest object raised concerns and was considered a safety hazard and threat due to its potential surveillance capabilities. US Senator Marco Rubio has claimed that UFOs have been operating over restricted US airspace for years but have only recently come to the public’s attention.

US Air Force General Glen VanHerck has stated that the intelligence community is exploring all possible explanations, including the possibility of extraterrestrial origin. However, British UFO expert Nick Pope, formerly with the UK’s Ministry of Defence, believes that the objects are likely some form of surveillance device rather than extraterrestrial.

Nick Pope, says : “I’m sure there’s life out there in the cosmos, and I’m open minded about the idea of visitation – to borrow the general’s phrase, I don’t rule it out, but this isn’t The War of the Worlds, it’s spying.”


Regardless of their origin, the increasing number of unidentified objects in Northern American airspace is causing concern and making headlines around the world. The US authorities are making every effort to assess what damage has been done and to mitigate the threat.



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