TikToker steps out of line at Claire’s, pretends to be employee: ‘This is such a bold move’

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A recent TikTok video posted by Jordan (@lizardf******) has been making rounds on the internet. In the video, Jordan walks into a Claire’s store as a customer but ends up taking matters into their own hands and turning into an employee in just over 10 minutes.


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Upon entering the store, Jordan noticed that there was only one employee working, who was busy piercing a little girl’s ears. As the phone continued to ring, Jordan decided to answer it and act as a Claire’s employee to assist the customer who was calling about a squishmallow.

Although Jordan was unsure about the store’s reservation policy, they promptly sought assistance from the only actual employee in the store and relayed the information back to the customer. During the interaction, Jordan’s hand was visibly shaking, which became a talking point among the thousands of comments.


Many viewers praised Jordan for their bold move and willingness to step in to help out the overwhelmed employee. A former Claire’s employee even expressed their appreciation for the gesture and said they would have loved it if someone had done that for them during their time working at the store.

Jordan did not show what happened after the interaction, but the video has garnered over 7 million views.



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