Legendary Singer Tina Turner Dies At 83

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In a heartfelt Instagram statement, it was announced that we bid farewell to a cherished friend whose music and zest for life captivated millions of fans worldwide and ignited inspiration in the rising stars of tomorrow. Her musical legacy stands as her greatest gift to us all.


Throughout her extraordinary life, the singer demonstrated unwavering perseverance and a remarkable ability to reinvent herself. From the timeless hits like “Proud Mary” in 1971 to the iconic “What’s Love Got To Do With It” in 1984, her songs resonated with audiences globally. She graced stages across the globe, sharing them with legendary figures like David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Not only did she shine as a musical powerhouse, but she also showcased her acting skills in a memorable appearance in a “Mad Max” film. Her influence was further emphasized when Beyoncé honored her with a breathtaking performance in 2005.

Mick Jagger, a dear friend of the late icon, expressed his deep sadness on Twitter, reminiscing about the exceptional person Tina Turner was. He described her as an immensely talented performer and singer who served as a profound inspiration. Jagger acknowledged the immense impact Turner had on his own life, mentioning her kindness, generosity, and the invaluable support she provided him during his early years.


While Tina Turner will forever be remembered for her electrifying vocals and the mesmerizing energy she brought to the stage, her offstage presence carried a more serene aura, influenced by her upbringing in the segregated South. Born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939, in Nutbush, Tennessee, Turner faced early separation from her parents, who worked as sharecroppers. She and her older sister were raised by their grandparents, and it was during her teenage years that Turner contemplated a career in nursing. However, her love for singing in the church choir became an inseparable part of her life.


In the nightclub scene, Turner’s path intertwined with that of musician Ike Turner, with whom she formed the celebrated act, the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Their musical journey eventually led to their marriage in 1962. Despite their divorce in the late 1970s, Turner kept the darker aspects of their relationship hidden until the 1980s, when she bravely shared her experiences of domestic violence.

Her memoir, published in 2018, revealed heart-wrenching accounts of her marriage, including a chilling suicide attempt. Turner candidly expressed the abuse she endured, describing how her nose had been used as a punching bag so often that she could still taste the blood when she sang. By publicly speaking out about her ordeal, Turner unintentionally became a feminist icon, and she recognized the impact her story had on her life and the lives of others.


Financial independence eluded Tina Turner during her time with Ike, as he tightly controlled their finances. However, after leaving him in 1976, with only pennies and a gas card, Turner resolutely pursued her solo career. Despite the emotional scars, she persevered, and her resilience paid off in the early 1980s when she achieved remarkable success, transitioning from soul to rock. At the age of 44, her chart-topping hit “What’s Love Got To Do With It” from the acclaimed album “Private Dancer” secured a place on the Billboard Hot 100, making Turner one of the few female artists over 40 to achieve this feat.

In 2013, Turner found joy and contentment as she married her longtime partner, Erwin Bach. The couple resided in Zurich, where Turner embraced the freedom she felt in her new home. Her desire for change and acceptance led her to relinquish her American citizenship and adopt Swiss citizenship in the late 1980s.

Turner’s remarkable career garnered her numerous accolades, including eight Grammy Awards out of twenty-one nominations, two MTV Video Music Awards out of four nominations, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a prestigious Kennedy Center Honor. She always aspired to be an active participant in her stardom, never settling for simply performing in ornate attire. She yearned for the exhilaration of driving a chariot, much like the epic film “Ben Hur” had ignited her imagination.



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