TikTok star Dan Duffy arrested after travelling to film in village Nicola Bulley was last seen

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In the race to create content that captures the attention of social media audiences, influencers are often willing to push the boundaries.


But for one TikTok star, his quest for clicks led him to the wrong side of the law. Dan Duffy, a social media influencer with over 200,000 subscribers, was recently arrested and fined after traveling to film footage of the area where Nicola Bulley went missing.

Bulley, a mortgage advisor and mother of two, disappeared on January 27th in St. Michael’s on Wyre. Duffy, along with a number of other amateur sleuths and social media video-makers, descended upon the area in an effort to create content for their channels. However, their actions have been condemned by the lead investigator in the case, who says that they have been a significant distraction from the investigation.


According to a report in the LancsLive, Duffy was arrested on Friday, February 10th on a public order offense and was issued a £90 fine. In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, which has since been taken offline, Duffy can be seen being handcuffed and taken away in a police car. He then appears standing on the back step of a police van, giving the middle finger with both hands.

Duffy’s arrest comes after police were given the power to break up groups causing a nuisance in the village where Nicola vanished. A 48-hour dispersal order was imposed last week as the focus of the search for the missing woman shifted towards the sea. A number of other people were warned about their behavior as the force warned it will not tolerate criminality, including trespass and criminal damage.



For the lead investigator in the case, the influx of amateur sleuths and social media video-makers has been a significant distraction. Speaking at a press conference at Lancashire Police HQ, Detective Superintendent Rebecca Smith said: “In 29 years’ police service I’ve never seen anything like it. Some of it’s been quite shocking and really hurtful to the family. Obviously, we can’t disregard anything and we’ve reviewed everything that’s come in but of course it has distracted us significantly. But as long as we are prioritizing, which we do constantly on the information that’s coming in, that will not distract us from the priority actions that we’ve been completing.”

The actions of influencers like Duffy raise important questions about the role of social media in our lives. On the one hand, social media can be a powerful tool for raising awareness of important issues and driving social change. However, it can also be a platform for attention-seeking behavior and, in some cases, outright criminality.


As the search for Nicola Bulley continues, it is important to remember that the priority should be finding the missing woman and supporting her family. While social media can play a role in this, it is crucial that influencers and amateur sleuths do not let their quest for clicks and views distract from the investigation.


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