This amputated dog has been waiting 1,000 days for the perfect family

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For a thousand days, Arandy, the feisty three-legged canine, has been a steadfast resident of the Soi Dog shelter, located in the picturesque community of Phuket, Thailand. His story is one of unwavering resilience and optimism, which has left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who have come across him. Following an unfortunate encounter with a car that resulted in a painful amputation, Arandy found himself in the shelter, defying adversity with his unwavering good humor and irrepressible spirit. To this day, as the days go by, the fervent wish of his janitors remains unwavering: that a compassionate, loving family will open their doors and their hearts to welcome Arandy into a forever home.


The story of Arandy’s journey began in 2020 when he was discovered, a lost soul wandering the unforgiving streets. The Soi Dog shelter, a sanctuary for countless furry companions in search of a new life, became his refuge. As Newsweek recounts, Arandy bore the scars of his unfortunate encounter with a car, a haunting reminder of a past he’d left behind.

The seriousness of his injuries necessitated a life-changing decision: amputation. Despite the loss of a limb, Arandy found a way to thrive, demonstrating an astonishing capacity for adaptation that defied the prognosis. Yet, despite her unwavering courage and steadfast spirit, days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years with no prospect of adoption. In August 2023, Arandy remained an orphan, his desire to find a loving family unfulfilled.


One heartbreaking day in July, the Soi Dog team turned to the digital world, sharing Arandy’s story on their Facebook page. It was a call that transcended words, an invitation to bear witness to the story of an exceptional canine soul. Through the power of social media, they sought to shed light on Arandy’s past while highlighting the qualities that made him an exceptional companion. Their goal was to capture the attention of a compassionate, responsible family who could offer Arandy the home he deserves.


Arandy, now about six years old, yearns for a home that can meet his unique needs. His ideal environment is a life without other dogs or young children. Given his condition, he needs intermittent breaks during walks, as navigating the world on three legs presents its own set of challenges. Yet, despite the difficulties that have marked his journey – life as a stray, amputation and prolonged shelter stay – Arandy radiates an infectious joie de vivre. Resilience and courage seem to run through his veins, an inexhaustible source of inspiration to all who meet him. His face, adorned with a perpetually radiant smile, is impossible to resist, a testament to his constant optimism.


Within the refuge, Arandy’s affectionate nature has enabled him to befriend staff and volunteers alike. He possesses an unshakeable love that he is eager to pass on to a kindred spirit. The question is: who will be the lucky beneficiary of this unlimited torrent of affection, shared day after day? The answer is a collective aspiration: that Arandy will find the sanctuary of a loving home, one that will recognize and return the love that flows from his heart.



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