A blind cat with huge eyes wins a forever home and online fame

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A unique cat with an extraordinary appearance and an even more remarkable story. From the unforgiving streets to finding his home, Pico’s life is nothing short of a miracle. This is the heartwarming story of a feline’s resilience, his unconditional love and the power of social media to bring happiness to countless hearts.


Pico’s life began on the streets, where he wandered with no one to care for him. His two huge veiled eyes set him apart from the others, but unfortunately, he didn’t receive the affection he deserved. But fate took a dramatic turn when volunteers rescued him after a terrible accident. Pico had been hit by a car and remained in a coma for three agonizing days. With his life at stake, his carers thought his journey was coming to an end. Yet, miraculously, he woke up and began his road to recovery.


Even though he was out of immediate danger, Pico had to face another challenge: glaucoma. This illness causes his eyes to swell and eventually deprive him of his sight, plunging him into darkness. Despite the difficulties, Pico remained determined to live and fight for a better life.

Pico’s life has been completely transformed

The story of Pico’s resilience and unique appearance touched the hearts of Internet users. News of his survival spread like wildfire and he quickly became an online sensation. People from all over the world followed his journey, giving him their support and encouragement.


In the midst of his fame, a loving family stepped forward to give Pico the home he deserved. Marie-Josée and her daughter, Monica Brisson, instantly fell in love with this unusual-looking feline. They saw beyond his differences and recognized the courageous spirit within him. They welcomed Pico with open arms, offering him a loving, forever home.

Today, at the age of nine, Pico’s life has been completely transformed. Under the Brissons’ care, he swims in an ocean of love and happiness. Despite his blindness, Pico confidently navigates their garden, knowing he can always count on his devoted owners. The love and care of Marie-Josée and Monica have enabled Pico to live a life filled with joy and companionship.

From his difficult beginnings on the streets to the discovery of his home

To share Pico’s inspiring story and raise awareness of pet adoption, Marie-Josée and Monica created a TikTok account. Through heartwarming videos, they showcase Pico’s daily adventures, his resilience and the unconditional love they share. The response has been overwhelming, and Pico now has over 99,000 followers on the platform.


The story of Pico embodies the triumph of the human-animal bond, reminding us of the importance of adopting pets in need and embracing their uniqueness. His story has touched the hearts of thousands, and is a beacon of hope for animals and people alike. Pico’s story has sparked a movement, inspiring people to look beyond appearances and see the beauty of accepting differences.

Pico’s life is a testament to the indomitable spirit of animals and the transformative power of love and compassion. From his difficult beginnings on the streets to the discovery of his home, Pico’s journey is an inspiration to all who meet him. Thanks to social media, his story has touched the hearts of people around the world, creating a ripple effect of kindness and empathy. May Pico’s story continue to touch lives and encourage us to open our hearts to the countless animals waiting for their chance at happiness and love.



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