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Being a beauty writer, often the subject of her own articles, I’ve learned a few “tricks of the trade” through the years. Like, for example, you should always go a little overboard with blush if you want it to show up in the photo. A light coat of finely ground mineral powder can remove oil in a second while making your skin glow.

In addition, I have learned to manipulate my hair to make it look voluminous, shiny, longer, and generally healthier. Some are angles, as you’ll learn, and some require product (or lack thereof). The best advice I have for those learning to photograph themselves, whether it’s perfecting their selfies or mastering professional self-portraits, is to keep taking pictures and trying out new things until you find what works for you. I think anyone would find this simple guide to picture the perfect hair in any situation useful, though.

The most complete hair trick

The most complete hair trick


In order to create the illusion of fuller hair, each strand of your hair should face the camera in your images. So, if you’re looking straight ahead, pull all your hair back and place it in front of your shoulders (leaving it long enough). You can also wear all your hair on one side of your shoulder. If you are taking a picture of the back of your head, pull all your hair from the front to the back. For those with shorter hair, you can always move your hair volume to the front, sides or back.

This sounds simple enough, but most people don’t think about it and make all the difference in volume and body.

The twist and tilt trick

The twist and tilt trick


This tip works hand in hand with the ‘fuller hair’ tip above. Again, you need to make sure that all your hair is facing the camera. So, since this image was taken from the back of my head, I pulled all my hair from the front of my shoulders to the back. I also did two additional things to create a more flattering image. Firstly, I twisted my hair, as shown in the picture, and then let it down. This prevents the hair from spilling down the back and gives a better look. Secondly, I tilt my head back slightly, which makes my hair look longer.

Don’t go overboard with hairspray

The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Hair: Don't Go Overboard With Hairspray!

You want your hair to look soft, supple, and natural in your images. Hairspray counteracts all of the above. Sure, you can use a spritz or two to keep frizz at bay, but the helmet head is a bad look for all the world.


Bad lighting? go black and white

Bad lighting? go black and white

It can happen that you end up with unattractive lighting. It could be the dark blue of a fluorescent-lit room, or the overly bright orange of a friend’s living room. Another problem could be a place that simply doesn’t have enough light, which can lead to a grainy, or downright weird, image when you try to correct it in your editing software. Here’s a secret photographer’s trick: remove the colour and go straight to black and white. This will solve all your white balance problems. Make sure the image is bright and contrasty so that it comes alive.

Squeeze it

squeeze it

Squeezing your hair is a tried and tested trick. Simply grab a handful of hair and rub it together before releasing it. Repeat the process in your head. Note that you don’t need any products for this, and the effect won’t last long, but it will make a difference to your images.


Oil is your friend

oil is your friend

Do you recall me saying that you need an extra blush to make a difference on camera? The same goes for oil. Sure, there’s a point where you’ve gone too far, but the perfect amount can make your hair shinier and healthier. You can use your favourite oil or serum. Simply apply a small amount to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then comb your hair. In the second picture below, I have hair oil on the right side, but not on the left. Can you see the difference?




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