Top 10 Worst Haircuts and How You Can Avoid Them

Avoid Haircuts Top Worst

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Styling your hair and maintaining your braids at home can be challenging. Once you can’t find the time to get your hair done, the bad hair day is here. Those are the few moments that no one wants to see happen again.

Sure, everyone is aiming for beautiful, healthy hair that stands out from the crowd. But those goals are hard to achieve when you have a hairstyle that’s outdated and downright boring.

We have served up the hottest and best looks for men and women. Let’s take a step back this time and see what are the worst haircuts and hairstyles you can possibly imagine and should avoid.


#1 hive

The beehive is not the best haircut because it can be difficult to style. When you go to see your stylist, be sure to let her know that you don’t want your layers to be too short to avoid this cut.

#2 eye-grazing bangs


This haircut is the worst because the short, blunt length of the bangs does not flatter any face shape. When you ask your stylist for bangs, be sure to let them know that you want them soft and not too short to avoid this cut.

#3 spiky haircut

spiky haircut

This cut is extremely high maintenance and would take a long time to style. Ask your stylist for a soft, faded cut to avoid getting this look.


#4 Karen’s haircut

This Karen haircut is also known as a chemical cut. Too many harsh chemicals applied to your hair will cause you to wear this ugly style. Be sure to see a stylist who uses Olaplex in her salon to make sure you don’t end up looking like Karen.



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