Sam Smith’s Obscene BRITs Performance Sparks Over 100 Ofcom Complaints

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Sam Smith’s performance at the 2023 BRIT Awards has ignited controversy among viewers, with many accusing the singer of promoting satanism.


Smith, who performed alongside Kim Petras, wore a top hat with devil horns and was accompanied by a group of backing dancers all dressed in black leather. The duo’s rendition of their hit song “Unholy” featured plenty of suggestive dance moves, including a passionate kiss between two dancers at the end of the performance.

The performance has since received a staggering 106 complaints to Ofcom, the UK’s broadcasting watchdog. Of these complaints, the “majority” were about Sam and Kim’s performance. While some viewers took to Twitter to praise the performance, many others expressed their anger at what they perceived as satanic imagery and messaging.

Some viewers found the performance to be “dangerous” and disrespectful to religious people. Others saw it as yet another example of Smith promoting satanism, citing his controversial performance at the Grammys a week prior. Ofcom also reported receiving complaints about the use of offensive language and the consumption of alcohol during the ceremony.


Promoting satanism

Despite the backlash, some viewers defended Sam and Kim’s performance. Twitter user Zoe Lamb called the performance “ICONIC,” while others praised the duo’s boundary-pushing and provocative approach.


The controversy surrounding Sam’s performance is not entirely new. The singer has long been vocal about his queerness and has used his platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. However, some critics have accused him of promoting satanism, with many of his performances featuring imagery and messages that could be interpreted as satanic.

Regardless of one’s interpretation of the performance, it is clear that Sam and Kim’s performance at the 2023 BRIT Awards has once again sparked a passionate and divisive debate about art, politics, and the role of popular music in contemporary culture. While some viewers may find the performance to be offensive or disrespectful, others see it as an important and necessary contribution to the ongoing conversation about gender, sexuality, and the nature of the human experience. Only time will tell how this debate will ultimately play out.



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