Kylie Jenner leaves makeup artist with bloodied face after ‘attack’ on private jet

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Kylie Jenner pleasantly surprised her makeup artist with a playful pillow fight that ended in a minor mishap. The incident occurred aboard Kylie’s luxurious private jet and was captured on video, adding a lighthearted touch to their journey.


Ariel Tejada, a close friend of Kylie’s and her talented makeup artist for over eight years, shared the “attack” on social media, playfully referring to Kylie as the “aggressive brother” in their dynamic relationship.

The joyful atmosphere on the private jet turned a bit wild as the glam squad celebrated Ariel’s birthday. The fun-filled pillow fight escalated, resulting in Ariel needing an ice pack to tend to a minor head injury. Before the video of their playful scuffle, Ariel jokingly stated, “This video proves that I’m the delicate sister in this Glam family, and Kylie is definitely the spirited brother.”


Despite the unforeseen injury, everyone took it in good humor, as indicated by Ariel’s use of crying-with-laughter emojis in the post.  In the footage, Kylie playfully struck Ariel, who was holding the camera, with a pillow as they soared through the sky in her opulent plane. This came as a response to Ariel’s initial gentle toss of a pillow towards his pal. However, Kylie’s swing had a bit more force, surprising Ariel and resulting in a small cut on his forehead.


Continuing the clip, a bemused Ariel laughed while Kylie, the makeup mogul, playfully joked in the background, “You need your eye to do my makeup, you f**king…” Sporting a fake bloodied face, Ariel turned to Kylie and humorously asked, “How am I bleeding from a pillow fight?”

In an attempt to tend to the “wound,” Ariel cleaned it and applied a Hello Kitty ice pack, leading Kylie to jest, “You’re being really dramatic.” Ariel defended his choice, explaining that it felt like a lump was forming, although Kylie disagreed with his assessment. In a playful retort, Ariel exclaimed, “This isn’t the last you’ve heard of me!” before throwing another pillow.

Meanwhile, rumors of a budding relationship between Kylie and actor Timothee Chalamet continue to gain traction, adding an intriguing subplot to the lives of these prominent figures.



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