John Lydon’s wife, Nora Forster, dies after a heartbreaking tragedy

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Nora Forster, the wife of musician John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, has passed away at the age of 80 after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. John had been Nora’s full-time carer. The news was announced on John’s official Twitter page, which also shared a picture of the couple with their arms around each other. The tweet asked for respect for John’s grief and offered heartfelt condolences from Rambo and all at PiL Official.


John had previously spoken about his role as a carer for his wife, dedicating his entry to represent Ireland at Eurovision to her. He described the tenderness he felt in moments with Nora and how he tried to capture that in his music. He acknowledged the difficulties of Alzheimer’s but said that he was blessed to be able to be there for Nora and help other people. John had developed himself into a 24/7 kind of person to deal with the illness.

In his book I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right, John tells how he was determined to care for Nora himself and not put her into specialist care. He believed that they were not dealing with the walking dead but that it was a matter of memory fusing in and out, something he had experienced himself coming out of meningitis.


Nora was born into a wealthy German newspaper family and was working as a music promoter in London when she met John. They married in 1979 and had a daughter, Ari, who later formed punk band The Slits. However, Ari passed away from breast cancer in 2010, aged just 48.

The passing of Nora marks the end of an era for John, who had been with her for nearly five decades. While her battle with Alzheimer’s was undoubtedly difficult, John had found moments of tenderness and love with Nora, something he had tried to capture in his music. His dedication to caring for her himself was a testament to their bond and the love he had for his wife.



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